In Him

I used to sit here

                             On a rainy day

                                                      Just sit here and dream

                                                                                              In a weary way

Now the rain is gone

                             The clouds are done now too

                                                                               And when I look ahead

                                                                                                                      The only dream is You    

You have brought me life

                                           And through You I have grown

                                                                                               Please don’t ever leave me

                                                                                                                                       Because then I’d be all alone


Penned – MG – 11/87

Where Are You?

                            Where are you?

                                                           I’m looking at the sky.

          Are you feeling blue?

                                                    I just wanted to say hi.

I missed you today

I didn’t see you around

                It’s a weird sort of way

We are all coming down

                             Did you see that purple dove?

                                                        It was flying down to the sea.

                                                 They say it symbols love.

            But do they really know me?

You say you’re doing fine

Please don’t treat me this way

I know all the signs

Well…maybe I’ll see you one day

Penned – MG – 2/16/89

You See Me

I stumble through the daily routines

Striving to make ends meet

Struggling to make the difference

I feel as if no one sees

Yet You see me


I walk down the streets in silence

The cars race on frantically

The people hurry from here to there

I feel as if no one cares

Yet You care for me


I come into the sanctuary

The music is a peaceful melody

The light from stained glass glows

I feel as if no one hears

Yet You hear me


I step into Your Holy Place

The air is thick with Your presence

The floor is worn from the tears

I feel as if no one knows

Yet You know me


You know the very depths of me

You know my rising and my falling

You hear my cries and my shout

You hear y faith and my doubt

You care for my pain and my joy

You care for my past and my tomorrow

You see my tears and my smile

You see my awe and my wonder


It was never that You didn’t see me;

it was always that I couldn’t see You.

It was never that You didn’t care for me;

it was always that I was unaware of You.

It was never that You didn’t hear me;

it was always that I couldn’t hear You.

It was never that You didn’t know me;

it was always that I had no knowledge of You.


penned 8/7/04 – MG


He Is All You Need


The day is dawning; your heart is breaking; the sun bursts through the clouds.

He is speaking your name; yet, you refuse to hear.

You begin your day with cute little answers, a quoted little word.

You try to pretend you are drawing near.


The morning is moving; your heart is aching; the children are skipping to school.

He is calling out to you; yet, you refuse to care.

You continue your way, filling every moment with worry and regret.

You try to pretend all this you can bear.


The sun is setting; your heart is longing; the families are gathering around.

He is shouting across the chasm; yet, you refuse to yield.

You allow the cares of life to consume you, supplying your fleshly desires.

You try to pretend all your dreams are fulfilled.


The night is falling; your heart is bleeding; the stars are shining through.

He whispers your name; yet, you refuse to heed.

You end your life with a flick of a shot, never seeing His outstretched hand.

You tried to pretend He’s not all that you need.


penned 9/11/04 – MG


You Are

You are an anchor in the sea of turmoil.

You are a lighthouse on the hill of darkness.

 You are a staff on the path which is crooked.

You are a window in the house of confusion.

I can’t even see without You first being the conclusion.


You are the stabilizer amongst instability.

You are the courage throughout terror.

You are the discipline amongst rebellion.

You are the peace throughout all chaos.

I can’t even breathe without You first being Logos.


You are the sun shining through the rain.

You are the breeze blowing through the desert.

You are the fire blazing through the winter pass.

You are the flower blooming through the Spring.

I can’t even move without the strength You first bring.


You are the wisdom that directs my path.

You are the power which heals my heart.

You are the peace that settles my mind.

You are the love which consumes my soul.

I can’t even live without You living, breathing, first making me whole.


penned – 1/16/13 – MG