Just Beneath The Surface

I see your eyes that twinkle when I arrive, but your soul looks weary of the pain.

I hear your talk of life and new beginnings, yet beneath the surface bubbles the regret and tears you trade for shame.

I listen to your words on the air sounding light and cheerful, but your voice sounds so tired.

His love is so much bigger than those accusations of the liar.


I watch as you move along the road, changing your hair, your tone and your style.

I pick up on the nuances in the atmosphere, you are attempting to stay a longer while.

I refuse to demand you live in that past love of muck and mire.

His love is so much bigger than those accusations to the liar.


Can I ever convince you of His faithfulness and healing?

Can I ever persuade you to believe it was my heart He was sealing?

I pray one day you will find the truth that lies within me.

Regardless of all the broken hearts, I will love you for all eternity.


Penned – MG – 1/30/17

Friday’s New Friends #2



Fridays are the days when we feature a new blogging friend here at The Grizzle Grist Mill. I hope you will join me each Friday to find new and interesting people within our blogging community, and I do hope you will share with me those you have found, too!

Today, I’d like to share with you someone who has connected with me often here, and he was the second person to give me an encouraging word about this new weekly “friendly event.” So, I thought it very appropriate to feature him as my second Friday Friend. 🙂

Andy over at The Wandering Poet has a wonderful blog of poetry, music and photography. I love his 80s music section, and being an 80s child myself, I could get lost on these pages for a little while. haha. The sweetest part of this blog is what he describes as a dedication in his about section. Drop by over there and see the sweetness. 🙂



For What Are You Searching?

I watch you from a far

You scrap and scrape for the par

They are all like crabs within the barrel

Pulling you back, never caring your life is imperil


You wander from place to place

Always wondering how to save face

This life you’ve contrived is only a game

Always shielding your heart but finding the same


Lost and confused, bended and broken

Those you gathered only gave you a token

You thought you were reaching your highest goal

Only to find all the searching has only found an empty soul


I long to help you, to lend you a hand

Yet, you push me away, stating it is alone you must stand

My heart cries to see your stubborn desolation to stay

Praying one day you might realize He is the Only Way


Penned – MG – 1/24/17

Embrace It All

I walk down this broken road of memories

The dreams that once were, crashed along the side

The joys filled the hours and the laughter rang out for days

I could glory in those moments that once were

Yet I would be mistaken, for those were days filled with smiles and with pain

As time moves on, we seem to embrace the sunshine and push away the clouds

We forget the misery of which we survived

We put away the those heartaches, praying they will never come again

If I only grasp the good and never the bad, I cheat myself and I cheat you

For in the sorrow, wisdom can be found

In the brokenness and the tragedy, grace is remembered

Throughout my agony and distress, that is where His strength and love is deepest know
Penned – MG – 1/2/17

Don’t You Realize?

Don’t you realize?

It’s a long, long journey with lots of twists and turns.

It’s a wide, wide path with lots of scrapes and burns.

Where do you go when your way is busted and broken?

Where do you run when you find your future isn’t quite the token?

Don’t you realize?

It can be a journey of much peace, joy and love.

It can be a path of many blessings from above.

All you have to do is turn around and walk into His open arms.

All you have to do is believe He will never bring you any harm.

Don’t you realize?

He loves you.

He gave His life to prove it.

Penned – MG – 10/6/16

Daily Prompt: Realize

The Beauty of Poetry

This is the last day in the Quote Challenge I was given, and due to my love for poetry, I could not leave this challenge without sharing my three favorites…

Day 3 – 3 Quotes (well, quotes within pieces of poetry 😉 )


I’ve enjoyed setting these up “hunting” for my favorites. Thanks, Joanna! 😉 Sometimes, we need a good reminder of those things which are most important to our heart, and it’s refreshing to share them with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.

About this challenge:

I was nominated by Joanna Lynn at Dipping Into the Heart for the 3 Quotes, 3 Days challenge. Stop by and check out her site. Her story is inspirational. I accepted the challenge because it sounds like fun, and I enjoy sharing others’ blogs for you to see. 🙂 For the challenge, I am to nominate three people a day to the challenge and a quote (or three) a day. Here are my nominees:

Day 3 Nominees:

Wind Blown Words
Shannon Leigh Writes
Sues Pen 2 Paper

These are amazing blogs written by amazing people. Stop by and check out their blogs.

Let me leave you the rules of the challenge:

  1. Three quotes for three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.

Thank you to Joanna for nominating me for this challenge. It has stretched me to really consider my quote “favorites,” as well as, be reminded of how to do these challenges! 😉



I sit and ponder

Wondering what words to use

I read. I peruse. I pause.


I stand and wait

I listen intently for what You have

I look. I walk. I breathe.


Sometimes, I wonder if I hear clearly.

Sometimes, I question if you care.

Sometimes, I doubt I am able.


I know You have best in mind.

Yet, I struggle with the waiting.

I know Your love is the best.

Yet, I wrestle with the longing.

Nothing can compare
Nothing can comprehend

Nothing can hinder

Nothing can resist
You are my everything
Even when I feel undone


I know You are below


Even when I cannot hear

I know You are lacking


Even when I cannot see

I know You are beyond

Penned – MG – 7/7/16

Child Life

Childhood is so much smile-hood
Remembering you as a kid is remembering all you did

Childhood is doing all you could

It’s a time of freedom, excitement and sunshine

Yet for some…

Childhood is so much orphanhood

Remembering you as a child is remembering all that was vile

Childhood is forgetting all you would 

It’s a time of bondage, heartbreak and torrent rain

Let the winds of change come

Let the waves wash over the sum

Let them wipe away what they will

Let them bring in the peace and still
Penned – MG – 6/7/16

Daily Prompt:  Childhood

Abandoned & Alone


I see you there

In the shadows

You think I can’t see

You believe I can’t hear

You are convinced I don’t care

Can I tell you, you were not abandoned?

I hear you there

In that broken corner

You wrap your arms around

You close your eyes from the light

You shield your heart from His adoration

Can I tell you, again, you have never been alone?

He loves you more than you can see

He cares even more than you can fathom

He’s been there longer than you can imagine

He created you before your mother knew

He loved you before the beginning of time

He never left from your side. He never abandoned you.

You will find Him in a song

You will find Him in a Book

You will find Him in a dream

You will find Him in a memory

Just open your eyes and open your heart

You will find Him if you will only believe


Penned – MG – 5/3/16



Daily Post Prompt: Abandoned

House of Glass 

 Fish bowl living is not an easy life.

Be careful what you say in your moment of strife.

It can be an invasion of rights, no privacy, no grace.

You can prove to the world your mouth is full of mace.


The house of glass is so delicate, so fragile.

People feel no remorse to throw a stone so casual.

Knock too hard, and the panes may just shatter.

They don’t think twice to have their circle full of chatter.


The fish bowl can get crowded as others try to see.

No matter how hard they imagine, their lives will never be.

When you’re on the outside looking in, you think you know it all.

When you’re on the inside searching out, you realize how easy is the fall.


Penned – MG – 3/30/16