Answer to Friday’s Angle #22

Yesterday’s angle: 

Did you guess that it was a York Peppermint patty wrapper?? 🙂

If so, you got it right!!   


Answer to Friday’s Angle #19

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s New Angle…

Recap, first:   
A travel alarm clock:   

   Hope you’re having fun with these! See you next week. 

Friday’s New Angle #19

Are you ready for another Friday’s Angle? Here ya go! Enjoy! 

 Please remember, the answer will be posted this same time tomorrow. 🙂

Friday’s New Angle #18

Anither Friday means another New Angle! 🙂

Remember to check back this time tomorrow for your answer!


Answer to Friday’s Angle #17

Did you guess correctly yesterday??

It is the window power button on my truck! 🙂


Hope you had fun! See you next week! 🙂

Friday’s New Angle #17

Heres another Friday’s Angle for you!


Remember, the answer will be posted this time tomorrow. 

Thanks for playing! 🙂

Answer to Friday’s Angle #16

Were you able to figure out the New Angle yesterday??

   It is reflected bathroom lights off a countertop. 😉

Friday’s New Angle #16

Another Friday, another New Angle! Hope you have fun with this one!! 😉

    Remember, check back here tomorrow to find out the answer! 

Answer to Friday’s Angle #15

Did you guess right yesterday? 

 In light of Monday being Memorial Day, I thought ending the week with a little red, white and blue might be nice.  🙂  

It is a patriotic wreath a sweet friend of mine made:

     I hope you’re having fun with these! See you next week! 🙂

Friday’s New Angle #15

It’s Friday, and it’s time again for a New Angle! 🙂