Whimsical Wednesday

It’s amazing how one drive can purify a mind.

Look at the swirls of color passing by and see now with clarity.

Breathe deep the air that settles the thoughts of despair.

Let the wind surround your skin, calming the restless soul.

Just step out beyond the norm and find yourself again.

Penned – MG – 10/22/19

Friday Afternoon Serenade

I read a beautifully written piece the other day by a fellow blogging friend, Modern Serenade, and as I was standing on my back porch this afternoon I thought I’d take his idea and write about my own Friday afternoon serenade.

An airplane flew overhead as the neighbor’s air conditioning unit seemed to kick into overdrive. The wind begin rustling through the trees, and the crickets began their evening rhythms. The dogs across the ridge must have seen a stranger or a critter run by, because they started up in a bit of a panic only to subside after a few minutes. Maybe it was a squirrel that crossed their paths, but his squawking was a bit delayed as he gave a good fussing to some young creature or fellow walking by. The wind rustled through the trees again, as if to attempt to quiet his tirade. I believe it worked. Then, the dogs barked a few times again, and our cats came swirling around my feet with a meow or two just to get some attention. A mosquito buzzed by my ear and landed on my hand as I swatted him. “Smack!” That will be his last bite today; unfortunately, he got me twice. I hear a car driving through the culdesac, probably a neighbor coming home from a long day’s work. The wind rustles a bit stronger through the trees, it seems to be telling the weary soul, “Welcome Home.” My son just joined the chorus as I hear the bass through the subwoofers booming a bit through the walls of the house.


Another mosquito says goodbye to this life, and I grab the bug repellent; so, I might enjoy a few more moments of the evening serenade before turning in. Even the spray adds a swishing noise to the symphony. The temperatures tonight are quite delightful. … There goes the wind and the crickets again.


Ahh, there’s the little bird to join in while another plane travels overhead to it’s unknown destination, and finally, the cicadas have come to add their part to the harmony. I was wondering what was taking them so long.


…a crow couldn’t miss out while he was flying by. 😂

A beautiful symphony given to us by our amazing Creator God. Sitting here, listening and watching just brings a sweet peace to my mind and a gentleness to my heart. It causes me to breathe deeper and smile a little longer. I’m so thankful for my restful place of solitude. It truly brings healing to a weary soul.

I hope you will step outside and listen to the serenade around you, and if it’s just too noisy with human chaos and manmade distractions, take a little drive to a park, an open field, a hiking trail, a lake or a waterfall. Get off the asphalt, and see what you might bring into vision with, not only your eyes, but with your whole being.

Happy listening, and Happy Friday! 😊

Proof is All Around

Proof is in the blooming of the trees after a long hard winter when everything seemed to die. It’s in the scurrying of life along the forest floor after the season of hibernation has come to an end. Proof is in the blossoms of Spring when the trunks have been burnt from wildfires. It’s in the new birth of the tiny creatures who find their mother’s care with blinded eyes and tiny mouths.

Can you see it?

Can you see the evidence in the sun rising above the mountains and the same orb setting over the ocean?

Can you feel it in the wind that blows through your hair as the sun shines down and warms your face? Can you sense it in the snow that falls upon the spring flowers?

Proof of a God is all around you if you’ll simply open your eyes and look about to see what is there. Proof is surrounding you if you’ll but open your ears to listen to His voice in the birds that sing and the tide that rolls in from the depths of the sea.

He is beautiful. He is peaceful. He is all powerful.

I pray you will find the proof you need.
I heard this song the other day, and it prompted all these thoughts to flow…

See video of the song on youtube – Faith Mountain Band

The Dance At Sunset













Framed Picture Perfect


Originally blogged October 18, 2014…

I stood on the side of Black Rock Mountain, overlooking the valley, and I took this picture through the trees.

It was as if God had let the trees grow up in such a way that He left a “frame” just for my picture.

It was beautiful.

I could have stood there all day and gazed through my little “window.”

The fall colors were just beginning to change;

so, you could see bits of red, yellow and orange shining through all the green.

The temperature was perfect with a little breeze blowing through.

It made my heart long for the day

when the earth will be healed and the land will be made whole.

I love the fall.

I love nature.

I love the mountains, and I love that He created such a land for us to behold.


“See, I will create new heavens and a new earth.
The former things will not be remembered,
    nor will they come to mind.”

Isaiah 65:17


Wednesday’s Ode #30

I love little things of nature. Sometimes, as I’m walking through the woods, the smallest things might catch my attention…like tiny mushrooms, a little salamander or even a miniature blossom. Often, I will deliberately look for them, and sometimes, I’m even surprised by what I find…   Today, it was a caterpillar hanging from a leafy branch by a tiny silk. He was very hard to photograph with my phone, but I think I finally captured him in the right light…even in obscurity, our beauty can be found…

  Then, I found these two white mushrooms standing as tall towers side by side…reminded me of the mighty two which once stood proud at Ground Zero. I paused for a moment of reflection and prayer…   
 As I walked along, these itty bitty blossoms of blood orange and yellow seemed to scream to me amongst the green. They reminded me that a burst of color (and light) can break up the monotony and the mundane. 

Then, there was this hole in the center of a stump where a tiny mushroom had decided to show its humble face… It confirmed for me, you can make it, even when life seems to only be a chasm over which your hopes hang…  
Finally, this guy wagged his tiny tail at me as he slithered into his home. His journey from unknown lands, slowly, but surely, brought him to his shaded place of safety…

 As you travel through this life, don’t forget to notice the small things, for often, those are the things that can bring the most beauty, the most intrigue and the most wonder…