What Holds You Back?

What holds you back from loving Jesus?

Is it 







Whatever it is, these things are not worth it. He loves you, and He waits for you to come to Him. He waits patiently, and He waits lovingly. He waits wth anxious anticipation to show you all He has. 

In Him, you will find unconditional love and unending grace. You will find unmerited favor and undeserving mercy. You will find rest. You will find peace. You will find strength, and you will find HOPE. Without hope, our hearts grow weary and our lives grow dim. Without hope, we all persish. 

For Unto Us

This Scripture is used in a song that I was listening to the other day, and as I sang along, I was overwhelmed with emotion. My son asked, “Mom, are you crying? … Why?” The tightening of my throat caused me to not be able to answer for a few seconds, and then I was able to explain to Him why my eyes had welled up with tears. 

You see, I believe in a God who left His heavenly home to come to earth and dwell among us. He didn’t do this because He had to, He did this because He loves me, and He loves you. He left all the glory of heaven to become a baby, to grow into a boy and then a man who would suffer and die for us so that we might be able to join Him again in eternal life. 

It says, “…the government shall rest upon His shoulder…” That means, I don’t have to worry about what’s going on in this crazy world around me, for my God is a Mighty God and He is in control! It says, “…His name shall be called … Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” I don’t have to look for a temporary god to help me, I serve a God who was and is and is to come! I don’t have to worry or fret when there’s chaos all around for my God is the Prince of Peace.

I am so thankful today to be serving a God upon whom I can lean, in whom I can trust, in whom I have a Savior, a King and the Prince of Peace! He IS Wonderful!

 Can you say the same thing about Him today? I encourage you, just try Him. You won’t be disappointed! 

Dear New York

In honor of the fallen today, I am reposting this that I shared last October… We will never forget. 🇺🇸🗽

New York, your towers once stood so tall.

The face of pride and success for all.

Terror crept in without even a sound.

Inside your walls, their evil did pound.

My heart is broken, my eyes fill with tears.

Please know our God still lingers near.

I cry for your loss, your distress and your pain.

Now is not the time to worry about your gain.

Turn your eyes and look t’ward Jesus.

He will help heal your wounds. He must.

Look up and see your Savior’s great love.

He comforts as He sends His sweet dove.

His hand is just, sovereign and true.

If you’ll surrender, He can make you anew.

He longs for you to love Him and to serve Him.

Before all your lights are, once again, made dim.

Please don’t linger, turn away or wait.

Please do not put off till it is far too late.

He longs to hold you, to love you, to mend.

But He is a good God, He will now not force you to bend.

There will come a day of not another breath.

Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess.

He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

That day will be too late for your heart to sing.

His return is, oh, so very, very soon.

Turn your eyes to Him before the great boom.

He desires to help you, to cleanse you from all vice.

He loves you; He died for you. For you, He paid the great price.

Penned – MG – 9/11/02

Just A Cup Of Water

This is a little cup of water…doesn’t look like much, does it? It’s just about 2-3oz.  

If you’re really thirsty this morning, it might not be enough to quench your thirst. If you’re wanting a big 36 oz. “Thirst Quencher,” it would take quite a few of these to get there, wouldn’t it? To fill a 5 gallon bucket, it might seem to never be enough to do the job!

…but, at youth camp a few weeks ago, to a little child out on the outdoor, sand-filled, volley ball court, standing in the sweltering heat, or to a teen who just played human foosball with a bunch of others guys in the noonday sun, this little bity cup of water does wonders! At camp, the rec staff had a huge supply of these cups on the golf carts, carrying them to every station where the kids were, because this little tiny cup of water kept those kids hydrated throughout the day. That little cup of liquid quenched their thirst until they could get inside to cool off.

This world is dying and going to hell. It’s like they’re out on the volleyball court of life, and they’re dying of thirst. Some of them don’t even realize they’re thirsting to death until a cup of water is brought to them, or worse, when they pass out from the “heat” and have to be rushed to the ER is when they recognize their need for something more. They are desperate for life-giving water. Jesus is the living water that they need.

As Christians, it is our job to give Jesus to them. We are His vessels. We are His “cups.” What we have may not be fancy; it may not be big; it may not even seem to be enough. Yet, if we don’t reach out to this lost and dying world, if we don’t bring His living water to them, how will they ever survive? How can they live?  Even if  a 2-3oz. cup of water is all we have, with Jesus, it can save a life!!

Matt. 25:35, 40 “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,…The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

Fall Into It (4)

Fall into PEACE

Fall into peace like you’re falling back onto your incredibly soft pillow top or down mattress (or whatever you prefer), and you’re about to get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in your life! Perfect peace doesn’t depend on the situation or the persons involved. It is a quiet knowing of the soul that says, “Everything’s gonna be alright.” It’s a settling within that is beyond settling. It’s a peace that surpasses all understanding. It’s that moment when “all hades” has broken loose, and you sit back and breathe…and maybe even chuckle, because you know within your heart and soul that no matter what may come, “All is well with my soul.”

Fall Into It (3)

Fall into JOY

Fall into joy like you laughed, as a child, when you “turned over your tickle box.” That moment at five years old, when you got the giggles so bad, you couldn’t stop even at the warning of a spanking from dad. True joy is not only laughter, but it’s attitude. It’s a perspective. It’s an outlook. When true joy bubbles up, it can’t be contained. It can’t be hidden. It can’t be consumed by only one person. True joy changes your mood. It changes the way you see the circumstances. It changes how you see the future, how you see your destiny. Joy changes the very atmosphere. The Word of God says Jesus came to give us “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” This kind of joy changes hearts. It changes sight. It changes lives.

Fall Into It (2)

Fall Into GRACE
Fall into grace like a refreshing swimming pool on a hot summer day. It’s a gift. It’s free. We don’t earn it. There’s nothing we can do to get more or less of it. It allows us to breathe the fresh air. It helps us to continue breathing when we’ve lost a loved one, and we feel there’s no air left to take in. It helps us to stay on the straight and narrow when hell is knocking at our door, and it gives us strength to stand when we feel that same enemy has busted down the door and is about to overwhelm us. Grace gives us an escape from the temptations. It gives us rest for our souls. It gives us tenacity for the journey. Receive that grace to take one more step. To live one more day. To breathe one more breath.

Fall Into It (1)

Fall Into LOVE

Fall into love like you fell into those piles of autumn leaves as a child, or maybe, you’d prefer that snow to make snow angels. Either way, you wanted nothing more than to keep falling over and over and over. You wanted nothing less than to get right back up and fall again. That is just how our love should be, falling deeper and deeper with each new day…with God…with family…with our spouse…with children…with nature…with LIFE.
Our problems with people are not always the people. Too often, when we have a conflict, we like to tell ourselves, it’s because we haven’t loved enough. We haven’t tried enough. We haven’t sacrificed enough. When all we need is more of Him and so much less of us. If we’d just fall into love with Him, He would love through us. He would speak through us. He would reach through us. So, fall into Him; so, your heart can love them.



So many things take place in one small life

So many changes, so many dreams

So many achievements, so many failures

So many memories, so many cherished things

Events happen which seemed nearly impossible

Events fail to appear which were dreamt endlessly upon

Events take on a whole new meaning

And your eyes are opened like the early morning dawn

Things change; feelings alter, and people transform, too

Nothing can forever stay the same

Smiles turn to tears, happiness to sorrow

And friendships turn to anger and the game of blame

Love turns to hate and witnessing to silence

Sharing turns to gossip and truth into lies

We need to find our change in Jesus

It is only for us and our sins that He did die

He will never change

Penned – MG – 7/30/02

Inasmuch As This

And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” 

Matthew 25:40

We walk through this life consumed by our own desires.

We say we love Him; yet, our flesh rules day by day.

We look down on those who do not view our trivial opinions.

We mock those who cannot find the only true way.

She lives in a humble shack with no one to lend a smile.

She longs for a simple meal and a night of restful sleep.

She has come so far and yet cannot make it there to pray.

She desires just a friend; yet, you avoid because it’s all too deep.

He sits alone in the pew, hoping you will only look his way.

He has suffered such loss; yet, he finds the strength to carry on.

He only wants to find a helping hand and a friendly face.

You are too consumed with the cause of things to stretch out beyond.

How can we claim to love them if we only reject?

How can we promise freedom if all they see is hatred?

How can we confess Christ if all they hear is lies?

How can we declare righteousness if, because of us, they have bled?

When will our eyes be open to our own hypocrisy?

When will our hearts realize that we have sinned?

When will our feet cease to trample over the wounded?

When will we comprehend we’re only crucifying Him again?

1 Corinthians 13
Penned – MG – 4/25/01