Tuesday’s Treats #29

Provino’s Italian Restaurant

Location: several in surrounding Atlanta area

We love, love, love Provino’s! It is one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever been to! If you don’t want to overload on carbs, well, you might as well forget it. It could be done, but it would be pretty much torture.

The atmospher here is so romantic, yet, just as enjoyable for family and friends. They have several different sections to choose from, and each area is comfortable and enjoyable. After you order your drinks, they bring you a bowl full of yummy, buttery, garlic rolls. If you’re on a first date, you better beware. These things are loaded with the garlic, but oh, it’s SOOO good.

Along with this, they will bring you a beautifully arranged Italian salad, complete with lettuce, chickpeas, beats, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, all drenched in their delicious house dressing (an italian oil vinegar)

This is a half order of the Cody Special. The whole order is HUGE, but you do get (planned) leftovers! 😉 This dish is NOT on the menu, and depending on the location, you may have to update them on the ingredients. We were first told about it at the Snellville location. It is a generously portioned dish made with angel hair pasta, rosetella sauce (red and white mixed), chicken and/or shrimp, sautéed mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, all baked to deliciousness. My husband always orders it with chicken only and gets it baked to a nice golden brown. This last time, he had them add a meatball to the dish. Oh. My. Word! This is incredible!!  

This second photo is of their famous lasagna. It is a perfect layering of pasta, meat, ricotta cheese, sauce and cheese, all baked right in the dish to a beautiful golden brown. It is SOOO yummy.

The menu has a great variety, and everything we have had or tasted is wonderful. They plenty to choose from: chicken, veal, seafood and simple pastas. They have several side dishes and delicious desserts. One dessert I have to mention is the one that’s my favorite: the Cafe Provino. This is a delicious, chocolate drenched italian coffee with whip cream and tiny chocolate morsels on top. My husband calls it coffee flavored chocolate milk (warmed). I just call it “heaven in a cup!” 😂 It is so good!!

Oh, go by on your birthday, show your ID, and you get your meal for FREE, too! 😉 You can’t beat that!!

Here is their website; so, you can find the right location for you.  We’ve been to almost every location, and even though, we do have our favorites, we’ve never been disappointed.


Tuesday’s Treats #7

Cosa Nostra Italian Kitchen Restaurant

Location: Gainesville, Ga    

Not sure what’s going on with the website as I post this; it simply won’t pull up the page. However, I’m going to give you both the  Google link, and let you navigate from there: Cosa Nostra Italian Kitchen

This is a little “diamond in the rough” location and well worth the discovery. My husband had been driving around the square, in downtown Gainesville, trying to decide where to eat when we took a side street and saw this sign. It was kind of on the “alley side,” and we were a little hesitant to check it out, but we were so glad we did. The atmosphere of simply romantic, and the food was delicious! 

I ordered the Chicken Marsala, and let me tell you, I don’t like everybody’s Chicken Marsala, but this was great! My favorite is at Carrabba’s, but Costa Nostra would be a close second. 😉

oops! sorry this pic is sideways!

  My husband got the lasagna, and it was incredible as well. They bring you bread and salad, as well, and it was all quite yummy, and we were so full, we probably should have waited on dessert. However, we were in the splurging mood; so, we went for it, and ordered the Forgettaboutit Peanut Butter Pie…  
Oh. My. Word. That’s all I’ve got to say about that!! …I think we gained 20 lbs each just when we looked at that as the waitress brought it to the table, but it was Soooo, soooo good!😜

A couple of things to note: 

*The seating is all tables and chairs, no booths. We’re not so “hip” on sitting at tables, especially when we’re out on a date We’d much prefer a booth, but we were given a wall seat, and it was really quite intimate. We actually plan to make a return visit, and this isn’t usual for us at a “cafe style” arranged restaurant. 

**Be sure to get there early, or just make reservations, because it’s not a large place, and it fills up quickly. The waitress told us we were lucky to have gotten in there so easily without a reservation on a Friday night, but we were there a little after 5:30, and there was one table available.😉

As of the day I am printing this, I still am unable to pull up their website by the link above; so, I am going to include their number and address for those interested:

Cosa Nostra Italian Kitchen, 118 Main St Southwest, Ste 16, Gainesville, GA 30501 … (678) 971-5420

**I am sad and so sorry to announce: This restaurant was closed in January 2016. 😔 This is so disappointing to me! We were looking forward to making a return visit!**

Tuesday’s Treats #2

Michaelee’s Italian Life Cafe and The Cellar

Location: Blairsville, Ga There’s a little restaurant in Blairsville, Ga, that is a delicious “best kept secret.” Michaelee’s used to be located in Hiawassee, Ga, and while there, we went several times for lunch, dessert and coffee. We have been to their new location once, and even though, it’s a little different than before, it’s still wonderful.

They have now split their location into an upstairs and downstairs section, the upstairs being a regular restaurant and the downstairs being a coffee and dessert “cellar.” We haven’t eaten dinner at the new location, but if it’s anything like before, you’ll love it!

The restaurant features a great selection of paninis, pastas and Italian dishes, as well as, italian coffees and desserts.

The Cellar, as the dessert portion is called, has a really cool and intimate atmosphere downstairs. They have homemade fudge, Italian Gelatos, a wide assortment of homemade desserts, and handcrafted chocolate “tea cups,” which are served up with whip cream and chocolate .

The desserts are incredible! We recently ordered a slice of caramel apple pie and a turtle brownie pie (both served warm and a la mode) that was to die for!! Oh. My. Word. These were so good, and we couldn’t decide which we liked better. We had some friends join us, and they had the same turtle brownie, and two of us had a gourmet coffee, both white chocolate mochas. Everything was SOOO good!
They also have a really neat “tasting vault,” in which they have a wide variety of locally pressed olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes. You can actually taste these, just as you would a wine tasting, and, as a very unique tasting experience, they have select ones you can order with gelato for a very unique dessert experience. They say, “That’s what the Italians do.” We were very hesitant in this idea of balsamic vinegar and gelato mixture, but one of the guys with us took the barista up on her offer for a sample. She created a vanilla bean gelato and raspberry balsamic vinegar “bite” for him to try. He said it was different than anything he had ever had, but he thought it was delicious. He said he would even order it the next time we came!

If you’re looking for a great Italian dinner and dessert while in the North Georgia mountain area, Michaelee’s is the place to go!

Check them out here.