Tuesday’s Treats #26

River Grille on the Tokoma River

Location: Daytona, Fl

We love this place. This has become a “must” when we’re in Daytona. The atmosphere is cool, and you can choose to eat inside or outside on the deck. They have large, gentle ceiling fans; so, the temps are too unbearable on a warmer day (maybe not in the hottest parts of summer, though😉).  

Yes, I know, I’ve started this blog with a picture of dessert, but there’s a reason: Thai key lime pie is TO DIE FOR! Oh. My. Goodness. I can be a little picky about key lime pie, too. 😉

For the main entrees, we ordered the blackened swordfish and blacked mahi mahi, and they were incredible! Honestly, the hush puppies are so so, but the grits are out of this world! 

The atmosphere, and the boardwalk out back is great. The time before last we were there, we got to see an alligator swimming by, but we didn’t see one on this trip. They have fish food you can feed the fish, just be careful, and definitely hold onto little ones, as there are no railings on the dock! 😉

Here’s the website for you to find the location and menu items.

Tuesday’s Treats #23

Stonewood Grill

Location: Ormond Beach, Fl

This place is INCREDIBLE!! We went here for our 20th Anniversary dinner, and the only thing we regretted was that we had not found it sooner! We had the lobster bisque and bbq shrimp as an appetizer. They bring out bread before the meal, also. There were two different kinds, and both were scrumptious, but my personal favorite was the cranberry nut bread. It had such a delectable taste. This was followed by crab crusted mahi and the lightly blackened salmon. We finished the meal with a slice of key lime pie and chocolate indulgence. Oh. My. Word. I cannot tell you how incredible everything tasted! This is one of those meals that goes on our all-time “top 20” list. If you are in the Daytona area, or you are planning on vacationing here soon, make sure Stonewood Grill is on your itinerary!

Check out their website here.

Tuesday’s Treats #22

Aunt Catfish’s

Location: Port Orange, Fl (Daytona)


This is this is one of our favorite places to eat in Daytona. The seafood is wonderful, and the huge salad bar and “fixin’s bar” is to die for! It. Is. SOOO. Good!! The salad bar has so many great choices, and the fixin’s bar is full of cheese grits, baked beans, fried cinnamon apples and cornbread. You could simply fill up here, but the seafood is worth ordering. They have tons of choices, from fried shrimp to blackened swordfish.

We have had several different entrees, and the menu is quite extensive. I think our absolute favorite is the blackened swordfish and the bblackened mahi mahi. Oh. My. Word! It is so delicious!! You even get a homemade cinnamon roll served with your meal. Oh, I’m craving these things right now. Yum!!

Check them out here:


Tuesday’s Treats #17

The Grand Marlin

Location: Pensacola Beach, Fl

Market Freah Fish: Swordfish


The Grand Marlin is a great upscale seafood restaurant located just across the Pensacola Beach Bridge. They have a little more limited menu than some restaurants, but what they have is phenomenal! They have market fresh fish daily, and the price is moderate for market prices.

Shrimp & Grits (sauce on side)


We have had the shrimp and grits, grouper, shrimp, crab cakes, grilled lobster, snapper and swordfish. Everything we have had there is absolutely wonderful! The BBQ Shrimp and he Blue Angel Chips appetizers are so yummy!

Prailine Basket


The last time we went, we were celebrating two birthdays; so, they decorated our dessert plates beautifully. The key lime pie is good; however, it could stand to be a little bigger slice. They have a praline basket that is made in-house, and it is absolutely melt-in-your-mouth goodness!! They serve it with ice cream, fresh seasonal berries and a granola crunch. Oh. My. Word. It is SOOO good!

For more information, check out their website. They may even give the daily market choices there.

Chasing Sunsets 2

I love to chase sunsets at the beach. This past April, we went to the Pensacola, Florida area for Spring Break, and everyday we were there, we chased the sunsets in the evening. It was so fun, and we made so many memories. I love the white sands of the Gulf. I haven’t been to all beaches in the States, but I seriously doubt you can find those anywhere else in the U.S.

img_6710I always love sunsets, regardless, my location, but the sun seems to set so much bigger at the beach. When it drops behind the horizon, it appears to just melt into the ocean. The tides sounds peaceful and serene lapping the shoreline, and the seagulls and other creatures give the feeling of calm and tranquility.

img_6706-1Each day we would race to get to the end of Fort Pickens and run the edge of the point to try and capture the beautiful rays of that setting ball of fire. Yet, no matter how many times I clicked that camera, it never seemed to completely grasp the scene set before me. It was simply breathtaking.

I have since missed those days watching the sun with the surf surrounding me…

img_6711           img_6707-1

PS. I posted pictures of our sunset adventures during that week entitled, “Chasing Sunsets;” thus, the reason for my “2” on this post. However, since I’m posting this for the Daily Prompt posts, and I don’t know many here, I thought you guys might not mind my reposting a few of those. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


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