Candy, Anyone?

Be soft … not fluffy … not squishy … not not brittle … not chewy … and not hard.

Cotton candy is fluffy. It really has no substance, no depth, no strength of taste. It’s just super sweet and evaporates rather quickly. Marshmallows are squishy. They are great in hot chocolate or melted in s’mores, but they are so squishy and weak on flavor, it’s hard to eat more than one or two. 

Now, peanut brittle can be rather tasty, but it’s so brittle (pun intended), breakable and cracks so easily, it can leave behind an incredible mess. On the other hand, caramel can be rather chewy and filling, except it’s so sticky, if you’re not careful, it might just remove a filling! Once it’s stuck to something, it can be very hard to remove. 

Hard candies can be tasty, yet they can be so unbendable, unyielding that they can damage your teeth, and once hard candy is broken, the edges can be sharp and pointed, having dangerous edges, almost like glass. Some even like licorice, but it seems a little lacking in flavor and is so leathery and tough, there’s not much point in pondering long with it. 

However, chocolate seems to be a universal delight. Some of the most expensive “candies” are listed as chocolate. Chocolate is smooth, soft, and pliable. It is known to be the “candy” that brings about good feelings and will uplift a mood.

Chocolate can be both diverse and traditional. It is incredibly tasty and can have an endless number of things added to it to even enhance its flavor. Chocolate can be thick and powerful, or it can be creamy and comforting. It can be consumed in large quantities or tiny little bites, either way, the feelings of warmth and happiness remains the same. Chocolate has been said to be a taste that can touch the very soul of a person. Simply put, chocolate is very hard for most to live without.

Have you ever looked at a piece of candy and compared yourself? If you were to choose a piece of candy from this list, which might you choose? If you had to compare one of these to your own personality, your attitude and your life story, which might it be?

Let us always seek to be soft in words rather than hard, smooth in action rather rough and leatherlike. May our lives be known as smooth and delightful, comforting and strong, making a powerful impact wherever we go, such an impact that those around would pay a high price just to have one moment with us. 

Let us always seek to touch the soul instead of the heart, because the soul is the depth of the sea, but the heart can change like the tide. For, Jeremiah reminds us, “Deceptive above all things is the human heart.” May we always seek to be the one thing which it’s hard to live without.


Tuesday’s Treats #35

The Last Catch Seafood

Location: Jasper, Ga

This place has really gotten the atmosphere right. If you’re looking for a seafood joint in the middle of North Georgia, then, you need to drop by. You feel like you’re walking right into a dockside seafood restaurant.

They have a pretty good selection from which to choose for both lunch and dinner…

Honestly, I’d have to give the food a solid “B.” The fried pickles were yummy, and the grilled veggies were incredible! The fried shrimp and blackened tuna was pretty good but, maybe, not the best I’ve had. The blackened mahi mahi had a great flavor, but the texture was dry, because it had been overcooked. I’ll say it one more time, the veggies were phenomenal! I don’t eat cole slaw much, and the fries were good.

   The key lime pie was ok, but it was a little too sweet and not tart enough; however, the chocolate cake from a local restaurant was incredible!

If you’re in the North Georgia mountains, and you’re looking for a restaurant with a great dockside feeling, and you don’t necessarily require A+ rated food, give this place a try. It might just be that we landed on a not so good day. The wait staff was very kind, and we did love a few things along with the atmosphere.

Here is their website to find out more.

What is Easter to you?

What is Easter to you?

Is it cute little bunnies, an Easter Egg Hunt and all the goodies in the basket that you look forward to? Maybe, it’s the color coordinated outfits and the pretty little family picture for the social media page. Or maybe it’s the Sunday morning attendance at that church where grandma has gone all her life, and after all, since the family’s been begging you forever to go, you might as well make your “once (or twice) a year showing.”

Perhaps, your thoughts of Easter turn toward the sunrise services and Lent in the weeks before. Maybe your musings even turn toward the annual Easter plays, Choir musicals and worship endeavors of local bands and places of fellowship. If you’re in the ministry, it could be the many events of the weekend, the hard work that needs to be accomplished for the ‘big day,’ or possibly even a sermon, devotion or song presentation you’ve been asked to share on this once-a-year event.

For me, Easter is filled with a heaviness of heart, a gratefulness of mind and a true rejoicing of my spirit. This heaviness comes when I think of the cross and the price Jesus paid in my place. The weight of it all comes with the tears I shed thinking of His great sacrifice for my wretched lost ways and sinfulness. It’s not condemnation, mind you, but rather, a great conviction of who He is and who I am not. For Isaiah made it clear for us, “…He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5) You see, the cross, in all its shame and agony, was necessary for the shedding of Christ’s blood for you and for me. It’s not a joyous place, especially by the world’s standards, but oh, “…for the joy set before Him…” that joy was you and me!

The gratefulness of mind begins as I think of the hope I have in Christ and that hope which is for all who believe. I am grateful He died, and I am more grateful that He loved me enough to die in my place. Romans 8:11, says, “If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.”  I am, also, so grateful He didn’t stay in that place, that He rose again on that third day! I do not serve a dead King! I serve the King of Kings, the King who has risen and who is coming back again one day soon to take me home!

This is when the rejoicing builds into an overwhelming sense of joy and wonder as I ponder His pure love for me, and that this love is not conditional; it is not weak; it’s not wavering in circumstances and it’s not abundant for some and lacking for others! My spirit is overcome with rejoicing when I think about how GREAT a God He is, and how He has chosen Easter to represent His great love, His great sacrifice and His great resurrection for us! We should rejoice and praise Him not only today, but EVERY day for His love and redemption and His resurrection and soon return!! He is worthy to be praised!


Wednesday’s Ode #5

Today, I’d like to give tribute to sweets. I LOVE sweets! I love cheesecake (of almost any kind!) and key lime pie and apple pie. I love cookies, brownies and just about anything covered in caramel. I love sweets!
In actuality, however, it’s not like I eat them in excess, really. Well, I have to amend that, because I’m sure that is completely relative to whose perspective we’re talking about. From the perspective of someone who doesn’t eat many sweets and someone who may be very health conscious, I am probably considered a sweets fanatic. However, to someone who eats sweets all day long or someone who can sit down and eat a whole box of Girl Scout cookies, I may be thought of a lite or moderate sweets person. Either way, I definitely like my fair share of the confections!
Some of my favorites would be warm apple pie, lemon meringue, key lime pie and almost anything cheesecake. I love to have dessert in the middle of the day or even sneak a little cookie at breakfast. *Shhh….. I promise, I don’t do this very often, and I definitely don’t want my boys to follow in my footsteps, but I have to be honest that my self control isn’t very strong when it comes to the sweet stuff. It doesn’t have to be a whole piece of pie, and it doesn’t have to be a half dozen cookies; sometimes, just a little chocolate after-dinner mint will do! …well, maybe two. 😉

All these wonderful treats go just wonderfully with one of my other “loves” that I talked about here