Don’t Throw it Away

Had a conversation with someone today about this very thing. It is so heartbreaking to know someone is going down the wrong path, and they refuse to turn around. They refuse to listen and get help out of their detriment…Be bold enough to speak truth into their lives. Care more for their soul than their approval of you.

the grizzle grist mill

You’ve got so much to live for; you’ve got so many days.

You’ve got so far to go; so, why toss them all away?

You think there is no harm; you think there is no mess.

You think there is no pain; so, why is there this death?

You didn’t see it coming; you didn’t see it go.

You didn’t see it hit; so, why are you so low?

You’re falling into the trap; you’re falling into my arms.

You’re falling into the hole; so, why not stay from this harm?

You’ve come to me in love; you’ve come to me in shame.

You’ve come to me in anger; so, why do they still blame?

You have to make a choice; you have to make the decision.

You have to make a change; so, why are you resisting?

You can’t wait forever; you need to get it straight.

You’ve got…

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I Wonder

People come and go.
They walk here. They walk there.
They ride. They run. They jump.
They stop.

Who are these beings?
Where are they going?
What are they thinking?
What have their eyes seen?

These things, I wonder as I walked by.

Will I wonder beyond?

Will I question?

Will I care?

Will I dare to make a bond?

Will I cry when they scream?
What are they doing?
Where are they going?
What does it all mean?

Will I confront their blues?
Will I smile at them?
Will I weep?
Will I share the good news?

Will I ponder better times?
What are they saying?
Why are they lost?
Will I give to them He who is Mine?

Penned – MG – 12/3/14

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”
John 14:6

You Do Not See

I stand here with my arms stretched wide;

You see me, but You only turn to hide.

I wait patiently for you to answer my call;

You hear me, but you only build up this wall.


I love you My child. Why can’t you understand?

I died for you. From my presence, you, I did not band.

I am there by your side at every twist and turn,

But you do not heed, my words you only burn.


Your ‘good’ words, I do not care.

On my back, bloody stripes I did bear.

Your pleasant smile, I do not see.

On my head, a crown of thorns I did heed.


Long ago, all of this I did endure.

All for your heart, I hoped to allure.

But still you wait for a better time.

You do not see that the time is only Mine.

Penned – MG – 6/27/99

You See Me

I stumble through the daily routines

Striving to make ends meet

Struggling to make the difference

I feel as if no one sees

Yet You see me


I walk down the streets in silence

The cars race on frantically

The people hurry from here to there

I feel as if no one cares

Yet You care for me


I come into the sanctuary

The music is a peaceful melody

The light from stained glass glows

I feel as if no one hears

Yet You hear me


I step into Your Holy Place

The air is thick with Your presence

The floor is worn from the tears

I feel as if no one knows

Yet You know me


You know the very depths of me

You know my rising and my falling

You hear my cries and my shout

You hear y faith and my doubt

You care for my pain and my joy

You care for my past and my tomorrow

You see my tears and my smile

You see my awe and my wonder


It was never that You didn’t see me;

it was always that I couldn’t see You.

It was never that You didn’t care for me;

it was always that I was unaware of You.

It was never that You didn’t hear me;

it was always that I couldn’t hear You.

It was never that You didn’t know me;

it was always that I had no knowledge of You.


penned 8/7/04 – MG