A Curious Thing

Death is such a curious thing.

I want to weep and wail, scream and curse at no one in particular

Yet, I long to let my furry flow.

I want to punch and kick, run and stomp

at no person specific

Yet, I yearn to unload and unwind.

I want to tell every naysayer, “You’ll never know this kind of love.”

I want to tell every well wisher, “You’ll never understand the pain.”

But then,

I look upon Your face

Your whisper draws me closer still

Your eyes coax me to silence

Your hands comfort my tears

You remind me of Your sufficient grace.

You remind me of Your unending mercy.

You fill me with Your peace that surpasses all understanding.

You overwhelm me with Your love that is always without limit.

Where can I go from Your presence?

Where can I flee from Your shadow?

You see every corner of my world.

You fill ever space within my heart.

There will come a day I can breathe again.

There will come an hour I will see.

Until then, I will allow Your Hope to be my anchor.

Until then, I will dream of what could have been and what will be.

Heaven is going to be a beautiful thing.

Penned – MG – 9/19/17


Where Do You Go In The Storm?

These past few weeks, we have been reeling from the recent storms and natural disasters all across our nation. There have been hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and various fallouts because of these natural, yet horrific, occurrences. So many have been evacuated, displaced, overwhelmed and even killed in the process. It can leave a soul weary and weathered from it all.

Yesterday being 9/11, reminds me of all the turmoil and heartache that can brought in an instant. It reminds me of the precious lives that were lost and the heroes who spent their last dying breath to save another.

It causes my heart to ponder the simple question, “Where do you go when the storms roll in?” Some hunker down and ride out the winds and the waves. Some run, drive away, flee from the danger that blows in, and still others try to go back and forth, running in wisdom or fear, only to find themselves anchoring back in for the long haul of destruction, evaluation, rebuilding and praying the restructure will hold. Still others are lost for every in the disasters and debris that come tumbling down.

Where are you in the midst of a storm? How do you survive it? What or who is your anchor? Without true security and a solid anchor that holds, a ship will be beaten and worn by the mighty winds. Without a firm foundation and support measures put in place, a house will surely fall when the grounds shake. Without a firm grip on Truth and love, the storms of life will only bring destruction and heartache to your very soul.

Yet, there is Hope. There is a better way to survive the storms of life that wreak havoc on the heart and mind. Jesus is the only Hope we need. His grace is sufficient for every storm. His mercy will survive through every disaster. His love will cover you and comfort you through whatever destruction might come.

If you don’t know Him today, why not talk to Him now? Why not reach out your hand to Him and let Him carry you through? He loves you and longs to cover you and shelter your heart today.

Answer to Friday’s New Angle #100

Well, how did it go yesterday? 

If you guessed a sunset, YOU GOT IT!! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

I thought it only appropriate to have the New Angle as a sunset, as this will be our last one. 

It has been a wonderful, fun time searching for these New Angles for you, and it has been a joy watching you play and guess what they might be. Thank you so much for participating all this time. 

I look forward to our new weekly event, which I will be announcing just shortly. Please, come back soon! 😊

Answer to Friday’s Angle #99

How did you do yesterday? 

If you guessed it was the top of a golf cart, you guessed right! 😊

These new angles have been a lot of fun, and I do hope you’ve enjoyed them; however, as I stated last Saturday, this will be one of the last ones. As we are approaching #100 and entering a new year, I figured it might be good to do something new as well. So, we will have one final new Angle next week, and then we will introduce something New! …hmm, how many times can I say “new” in one paragraph? Haha! πŸ˜‚

Answer to Friday’s Angle #98

How did you do yesterday?

If you guessed a wooden ceilings, you guessed right! 😊

Thanks so much for playing, and I hope you’ll join me Monday for another new blog. 😊

As I mentioned last week, this will be close to the last of the New Angles. As we close in on #100, as well as, welcome a New Year, I thought it might be good to do something new here on Fridays as well. So, stay tuned for something NEW! πŸ˜‰

Happy New Year to you and yours! πŸŽ‰

Answer to Friday’s Angle #97

How’d the guessing go yesterday? 

If you guessed the inside of a lighthouse, you guessed right! πŸ˜‰

Now, guess which one? πŸ˜‚ Just kidding! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoyed this. 

This will be near the last of the New Angles. We are nearing 100, and we are closing in on a new year; so, I thought we might try something new in 2017. I haven’t quite decided what; so, stay tuned. 😊

By the way, Merry Christmas Eve!! πŸŽ„ I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating with your family and friend! See you on Monday. 

Answer to New Angle #96

Did you guess the New Angle yesterday?

If you guessed t to be the center of a star fish, you got it right! 😊

Thanks so much for playing, and I hope you’ll join me on Monday for a new blog and next Friday for another new Angle. 😊

Answer to Friday’s Angle #95

How did you do wth the new Angle yesterday?

If you guessed the top of a water bottle, you guessed right! 😊

Thanks so much for playing, and I hope you enjoyed today’s game! See you on Monday for another blog and next Friday for another new Angle! 😊

Answer to Friday’s Angle #94

How did it go yesterday?

If you guessed Orbit gum packets, you guessed right! πŸ˜‰

Hope you had fun with this one. See you next week – Monday-Thursday: blog and Friday: new Angle. 😊

Answer to Friday’s Angle #93

How did it go yesterday? 

If you guessed a linen napkin, you got it! 

I hope you had fun with this! Thanks for playing. I hope you’ll join my on Monday for a new blog post and, again, next Friday for another new angle. πŸ˜‰