Light Peeking Through

Whew, it’s been busy around here, because we are moving (just across town)! So, if you will indulge me this week, I may do a little bit of “resharing” of posts. I hope you don’t mind, and I hope, maybe, I’ll share one you haven’t seen before. Next week, I should be able to get back to writing! 🙂

Originally posted 11/6/14…

Have you ever felt lonely, wondering if anyone cares? Have you felt as if everyone has left you to wander through this life without direction or love, ever reaching, ever hopeless, ever desperate? Have you felt you were, perhaps, standing in a forest of trees all around, and if you fell, no one would hear your cry or even notice you were no longer standing there?

Sometimes, in life, we can feel as if there is not a soul on earth who feels the way we feel right at that very moment. We feel as if we are isolated, ostracized, and severed from those who love us.

We may be alone, but we’re not truly alone. We may be isolated, but we’re not really isolated.

There is always light peeking through the darkness.

There is always hope in the midst of hopelessness.

We only need to know where the source of Life is. We only need to realize there is an escape from the voices of despair screaming at us in the night. We only need to believe there is something more.

There is always hope for change as long as you have breath in your being.

There is always hope for life when there is a beating in your heart.

Just breathe.

Just believe.

Just be freed.

He is The One…the Light peeking through.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
John 14:6

Isolated for Purpose

Just thinking about this today, and thought I’d reshare… 

(Originally posted May 7, 2015)

Have you ever been in a crowd and felt so alone? Have you ever been surrounded by family and friends and, yet, still felt as if you’re isolated and no one cares? I have, and it’s not always a fun place to be! 

Sometimes, I’ve done it to myself. I’ve pulled back from relationships, rejected caring hands, or simply stepped away from the fun and festivities, all the while, feeling as if I didn’t  belong. Other times, a certain responsibility has hindered and caused me to feel isolated,  because sometimes, God will ask you to simply obey and follow His directive rather than allow you to “go play.” Then, there have been those times, where like Esther, He allows me to go through a season of isolation to teach me something and to prepare me for what He has planned ahead in my life.  

No matter the reason, no matter the season, I’m not sure I’ve ever found isolation to be an “exciting” or “thrilling” time; however, I’ve always come out on the other side a little wiser and more experienced, having a little more understanding and compassion for the world around me.  As I’ve grown older, I have learn to be patient in these moments and have actually begun to look forward to the end result, knowing that on the other side, I’ll be a better person for it. 

I’ve always emerged from the times of isolation with a deeper awareness of those around me, with a keener sense of confidence that I can make it through the next time and a more intense passion for where I am going. Those times of isolation, especially when they are appointed times to walk closer with God, have always caused me to have a deeper thirst for His presence and a deeper hunger for His grace. These moments have always caused me to realize more fully the Scripture, “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deut. 31:6,8) For it is in those times of isolation, we all find that He “sticks closer than a brother” (Prov. 18:24). 

When I read Scripture, I see the great heroes of the faith went through many times of isolation and loneliness. Abraham left his family to obey God and move to the land of Canaan. Later, he became the father of nations. Joseph spent years in isolation, while in prison, until he became the second in command to Pharoah. Daniel was isolated in his times of prayer and later in the lions’ den before being valued as a friend of the king. David spent years tending sheep in the pasturelands and then spent years running from Saul before he was crowned king. Esther spent 12 months in isolation while being prepared to meet the king. Paul was isolated in prison before preaching to noblemen and rulers. John was isolated on the Isle of Patmos while writing the Book of Revelation. All of these men and women were isolated, and each one of them did great works for God. They made an impact. They left a legacy. 

Loneliness, when given to God, can bring out the best in us. It can make us strong, more aware, more deliberate in our actions. Isolation, when guided by God, develops within a deeper walk with Him. It causes us to focus on Him. It causes us to hear Him, and it will cause us to have a greater impact for Him. 

So, I leave you with this… How deep is your walk? How far are you willing to go? Will you step into a season of isolation if He leads you there? Can you submit to loneliness in order to grow and be more effective? 

Will you go?

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14b

The Facade

There She Goes

You know the one
She’s got her recipes plastered on Pinterest…all her beautiful cakes and dishes…Her creative parties and house decor…All those perfectly clean rooms and floors…
You know, supermom.
She’s got her status posted everyday of how wonderful life is, how precious her little angels are.
She adores her husband and he adores her.
She wrote just last night of how he brought her flowers for no particular reason.
Her ring is a true rock and her clothes always looks perfect and that hair…
Geez, does she go to the salon everyday?!
She’s not just supermom; she’s super wife!…Super-woman!!
She’s got to have it all and have it all together!
Or so you would think…
Yet, you didn’t see her last night snap at her husband and go to bed angry.
You weren’t there last week when she screamed at the kiddos when they spilt the milk.
You didn’t even know she ran back in the house this morning, make up streaming, baby spit up in her hair, Cherrios crushed down her new blouse, the car out of gas….because some Fridays just really start as Mondays.
You don’t realize she stresses out before every group event, because she’s really an introvert and worries about being accepted.
You don’t recognize the tears that brim as she smiles and slightly turns away so you can’t see.
You just don’t see her under the facade…
She awoke again terrified in the night …another nightmare…
She went straight to the babies’ rooms, scared that he had found her after all these years.
She’s suffered such abuse, such neglect, she wonders if anyone could ever truly care.
She wanders through this life simply surviving breath by breath, minute by tiny minute.
You never see her there, in the dark, all alone.
It’s all a facade.
It’s all a fancy charade to obtain a moment of sanity.
She dances with the emotions and she paints on the portraits.
All the while, she keeps the pain, the agony, the death, hiding there inside.
It’s time to coax her from the shadows, to give her hope for what might be.
It’s time to let go of our perceived perfection and love her for who she is, to help her dream of who she can one day become.
We must show her the hope she can have in Him.
We have to reach her, to be His hands extended, or she’ll forever be lost in her pain.
We’ve got to see past the facade to show her He died that she might live.
We must take off our own masks to let His love pour in; then, she may know His love and mercy that will sustain her, give her life and fill her with her with perfect peace.  

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Daily Prompt: Facade

Not Without Hope

My heart was heavy today, thinking of all the brokenness in this world. The weight of it resting upon my shoulders like a wet, woolen blanket. Tears filled my eyes as I pondered the wounded, the shattered, and the lost. Heaviness so intense, I could hardly breathe. Air stagnant with heartache, weariness and emptiness. So many wandering in this place. So many without a face.

I drove by this house sitting beside the road. Abandoned, dark, damaged and alone. People driving by, hurrying to their destinations, never stopping to see, never stopping to care. Shoved off to the side, barricade built, weeds and trees rummaging to find a home. Broken down roof, shattered windows, busted doors, all haunted by lost potential.

The broken lives of those lost are a lot like this old house. They take the abuse, receive the ridicule, accept the blame, wondering all the while if anyone cares as they wander aimlessly in the dark. Others are like those who moved this old house. Hard working, simply pragmatic, fighting to succeed at the task. More are like the ones who vandalized it. Kicking, biting, clawing, shattering the dreams of a once well made life.

Can you see them? Can you see yourself?  Who are you? Where are you going? Do you feel that all is lost? Do you wonder if there could still be any life inside? I am here to tell you. I am here to help you see, if there is still breath in your being, there is still hope. If there still a beating of your heart, there is still a chance. For your life is never so lost that He cannot see you. You are never so far gone that He cannot hear.

See that foundation? He placed it there in your heart before you were even born. It is that longing you feel to find something of worth, something to adore. It is that deep inner desire to be more than you are today. He placed it there. It is His drawing of your heart to bring you love, hope and life beyond your dreams.

He can rebuild a life broken. He can mend dreams that have been shattered. He can give hope to the hopeless. He can bring life to the lifeless. All can be renewed if you will just let Him in. Let Him see the abandonment, the pain, the desperation. He can change and transform. All you must do is believe.

The Empty Chair

It stands alone. If you look at it for very long, you might determine it’s lonely; however, it’s made to bring comfort to the weary traveler, and it does its job very well. It may be an elderly woman who just needed a quick rest before finishing her walk back to her room. It may be the young, new mom who tries desperately to get her newborn back to sleep. It may be the young teen who kicks back to watch the game, only to find his favorite team didn’t fair too great today. It may be the bench upon which the newlyweds pose for the pictures of their new life together. The chair can provide so many comforts.
Or maybe it has a more pragmatic approach today…the husband grabs it to stand upon while replacing the bulb overhead. The grandmother uses it to reach the box at the top of the closet, you know, the one with the pretty shoes for that special occasion. The children silently move it over to obtain the hidden cookies in the cabinet that mom thought she had secretly hid. The friend slides it back to be there for her ‘bestie’ who just suffered a breakup. The chair can serve in so many practical ways.
Or maybe it’s there for a more elite purpose, for appearance sake…the studio bought it for the upcoming celebrity shots and publicity showing. The antique store bought it to draw in a crowd, desiring top dollar at the next auction. The millionaire bought it to complement his prestigious office, never to be sat upon, of course, only for lust and desire. The chair can serve such audacious purposes.
Yet, did you ever wonder who was once there? Was it a frightened young girl who crawled up in her Daddy’s arms to chase away the storm? Was it a teenage girl longing for a tan to turn a few heads, never realizing she’s beautiful even without the change? Maybe it was the new mom who just laid her baby down but needs to stay just a moment longer to watch him breathe and assure her beating heart that he will awake in the mourn. Maybe it was the returning hero who left too much in the war but is overwhelmed by the love and applause he receives while arriving home. Maybe it was the elderly man who used to watch his wife as she kissed him goodnight, but now, he sits all alone reminiscing of years gone by.
The chair can tell us so many things yet leave so many stories untold. Often, when you see a chair and its owner resting in the same place, over time, they seem to mold to one another’s character. When he or she leaves that place, the chair seems to be missing a valuable part of life; sometimes, it even seems to sag without its owner’s presence. Could it possibly have elated feelings, and maybe even a sigh of relief, when the owner returns from too long of a vacation or an extended walk upon the beach? … Have you ever wondered when you see an empty chair?

You Walked Away

You were in the dark;

   I couldn’t see you there.

      Then you came to the surface,

         And it was more than I could bare.

You were by me from the start;

   You always held out for my hand.

      I could tell you almost anything;

         You always were there to help me stand.

Then it all fell apart;

   I couldn’t be anymore with you.

      So you walked away from me,

         And my heart was broken in two.

You chose someone else;

   I thought with me you’d always be.

      Now I must travel this road alone;

         Ahead of me the future I cannot see.


Penned – MG – 2/16/89…revised 11/15/02

The Death of Life

She was young and beautiful, full of energy and life. She had everything they wanted, beauty, fame and wealth.  But she was tired, lonely and confused.  She longed for him to take her in his arms and hold her.  She fell for his sweet charm and loving smile, never knowing his true intentions.  He manipulated and abused her with his little game. He didn’t care. He didn’t feel the pain.  And when it was over, he left her to pick up her shattered dreams alone.

Now, she was alone, scarred and ashamed. She had to mend her broken heart while hoping she had enough strength to live through the day.  Even now there was a new form inside of her, living, breathing, feeling.  But she established a solution for this “dilemma”…Destroy it before it is even born.

She took the unborn out of its place. Stole it’s breath of life and heart of love, without ever asking if she could.  She destroyed the being so she could go on living….little did she know that tiny part of her could give all the love and joy she so longed for…

Once Again

You say over and over that you love me
But all I see is you looking away
You said you’ll be there for tea
Once again you kept me at bay

You lavish affection when it suits you
But when I need you there’s always a void
You claimed someone else’s fault it was due
Once again I was left empty and annoyed

You play the part well under others eyes
But I see clearly the slack that is made
You declared but your laughter could not buy
Once again in my heart the scars were made

Your moments of pretending peace are shared
But my life stands forever unyielding and true
You wondered at the loss, said I just didn’t care
Once again your smile and desire I simply outgrew

Penned – 3/19/14 – MG