Gold All Around You

Celebrating our oldest son this past week brought me back, once again, to this post. I don’t think I can rewrite it much better; so, I will simply reblog it one more time. I do hope you will forgive my redundancy. This momma’s heart is all tender with reminiscences as he is now 16… ❤️Love him so much!

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This week, we are celebrating our oldest son as he is turning 14. I can’t believe it. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital. In celebration of this event, I thought I would repost a blog I wrote to him last year.I am very proud to be hismom, and I hope as I share this with you, it will encourage you as a parent, as a grandparent, oreven as someone who desires to make an impact on this next generation…
He was born a dreamer. He has always dreamed big dreams. At the age of four, he was Batman, Spider-Man, policeman and cowboy, all combined within that sweet tiny frame; the image altering daily, depending upon the mood of the hour. When he had turned nine, the superheroes had faded, and music had taken over. He was a…

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When It Rains, It Pours

Don’t lose hope. Take comfort knowing after the storm, His rainbow of promise will appear. I pray you’re encouraged today.

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Sometimes, when it rained, it pours…

Yesterday, I talked to a gentleman whose mom passed away last week. Just a few days prior to this news, his wife was in a diabetic coma and had to have a stint put in so her heart could work properly. The same week, the family received a call concerning her mother, who had fallen and broken a hip. She lives in a different country, and his wife is in no condition to travel to see her.

Just got off the phone with someone whose parents are no longer able to go out on their own. They think her father may have had a mini stroke, and both her parents seem to be growing more feeble as the days progress. This same lady has an aunt who has to be taken to every appointment she has, and she’s the designated driver…seems she has several…

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What Is Your Story?

You have a story worth sharing. Share your story. You never know the impact you might have..

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My father-in-law shared this thought the other day, and I thought I’d elaborate on it a little and pass it along…


Everybody has a story. A story of pain. A story of heartache. A story of victory. A story of healing. What is your story? God uses our stories to bring comfort to those around us. If we don’t share our stories, then, others miss out on huge blessings, encouragement and healing for their own situations.

God allows us to go through stuff sometimes; so, we can, in turn, share with someone else our struggles, our lessons learned and the moments we overcame. Why should we hold these within our hearts, never giving them away? You might learn things without a teacher, but isn’t it easier to hear of another’s experience and learn from his or her mistakes before going through the same thing ourselves? We all go through painful storms, but…

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How Do You Do It?

Thankful for a God who is alive and well, who hears my cries of desperation and who gives me joy through life’s difficult journeys. He is a great big, AWESOME God! 💗 … if you don’t know Him today, I challenge you to give Him a moment of your time. You won’t be disappointed.😉

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I watch as a mother holds the hand of her 12 year old battling cancer in a children’s hospital day after day. I look on as a wife says goodbye to her man of almost 60 years. I wipe a tear as I read a story of a family that’s dealing with the death of two grandchildren, a son and daughter in law, all in the same week, and I wonder how you do it?

How do you survive in this world without the love of Christ to sustain you? I wonder how you make it through these darkened days of tragedy and pain. I can’t imagine living my life with no hope, no joy, no faith in a Higher Power than myself.

Maybe you’ll think I am just weak, that I simply need a crutch to walk through this life…well, I have found I can’t even walk without holding…

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Move from Strength to Strength, Momma!

As I’m recovering from an awful virus tonight and thinking of all the things I need to do through the rest of this week, I came across this older post. I needed this today, and I hope you do, too. I pray you will be encouraged to live your life by strength and grace. 💗

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We sang a song in choir the other day that had this verse, “We move from strength to strength…” It was running through my head this morning, and I thought of my grandparents. They have always been pillars of strength and my examples to follow in life. As a mom, these examples have helped me to be a better mom, a better wife, and, in general, just a better person.

My grandfather was a “man’s man,” nothing ever seemed impossible to him. He grew up poor, was ridiculed and pushed himself to success. He founded his own heating and air business, was county commissioner of his small town, retired at a young age and lived out his days enjoying life and traveling with his wife to see kids, grandkids and sights all over the US.

My grandmother was born in the first year of the depression to a commercial fisherman and his wife. She had…

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Keep Pushing On…Growth Will Come

Sometimes, true growth in one particular area of our life may seem like it will NEVER come. Sometimes, the internal growth is so deep, it will take a lifetime of process, change and adjustment, and it will seem as if this process is eternal sandpaper against your very soul. Yet, can I encourage you to not give up? Can I challenge you to allow that sandpaper to continue it’s work against your soul?

For, I have found, it is better to live within a lifetime of uncomfortable transitions and change than to become stagnant in the comfort of the mundane. The mundane is soothing and easy, but it will lull your senses to sleep, and you will find your heart full of regret and sorrow in those last, precious breaths of life.

To maintain growth within our spirit and a rejuvenation within our soul, we must allow change to come. We must allow Him to prune and reprove those things which we find comforting and reassuring of our own “righteousness.” Even when the pruning process seems repetitive, methodical and even painstakingly slow, we can rejoice in the process. For, in that process, we find hope, strength and life.

He will bring the needed change, even if it takes a lifetime for us to embrace it. I promise you, we will be a better person for it. Just trust Him, and let Him finish what He has begun.


Friction to Thrive

I shared this the other night at a Girls Night Out gathering, and it’s been on my mind all week. I hope you will be challenged and encouraged today, and I pray we might always be able to live in the place of perfect friction. I pray I might be able to thrive in those moments of tension which cause me to sail within His grace, conviction and mercy. ❤

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There will be no sharpening of iron without friction. – rev. James Robison

It’s a scary place to be…on the edge of a knife. Wondering what to do, where to go, knowing one step can determine our destiny. In that moment, all can be gained or all can be lost. The choice is ours to make. It is never happenstance.

Friction shakes things up. Friction causes change, and friction causes a sharpening which cannot be found in the mundane moments of life. Yes, friction is needed in our lives to transform us from who we once were and propel us to who we are to become.

Often, many will choose to avoid this moment of tension, this moment of inner conflict, this opportunity for change. Some avoid it out of fear. Some avoid it out of pain. Some even avoid it out of sheer laziness.Whatever your reason, I can…

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Thank YOU!!

I just received this little “Happy Anniversary” note from WP this morning, and I’d like to thank YOU, the readers, who come along and make this blog what it is. You have blessed me over the past three years with your kind words of encouragement and support. You have challenged me with your questions of curiosity, and you have strengthened me with your return to these pages time and again. 

My heart is full today. 

Thank you. 💗

The Day of Promise

As I share moments with one of my best friends this week in her preparation of being the Mother of the Bride this coming weekend, I am reminded of this post I wrote a little while back about another sweet friend’s wedding day…

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I sat in the back, ever the silent observer. I watch. I speculate. I admire. I reminisce. They stand at the front facing one another. The stress of the day is falling off as they interlock fingers and get lost in one another’s eyes.

Tomorrow is what they’ve longed for all their life. They think. They plan. They rejoice. They dream. They reach for that sacred ring. The weight of the promise spreading wide and becoming light as they remember the One Who keeps their hearts true.

She walks the aisle for all to see. She blinks. She smiles. He stares. He desires. They gaze and wonder for the days to come. The realization of hopes coming true and revealing the love forever sealed.

Embraced with Hope.
Sealed with Love.

This Day of Promise.

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Forgiveness With A Boundary

Reading a friend’s FB post this morning reminded me of this post. I hope you are encouraged as you read this today. 💗

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 Sometimes, we just have to forgive, simply, because He says so. It may not be easy. It may not be what we want, and it may definitely not be what the other person deserves, but God is very clear in this fact: We Must Forgive. Yet, forgiveness does not always mean reconciliation…

Many times, it may take years to find the ability to forgive, and sometimes, it will come instantly. Some of the hardest moments to forgive are those when someone continues to cause pain and wounds on top of the scars you have already endured. That’s when the real test comes, “Can you forgive…again?”

However, I think, oftentimes for me, the harder test comes as I struggle with the balance between learning to “forgive and walk away” and “forgive and reconcile” when someone continually wounds me, especially when it’s someone for whom I care deeply. It’s…

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