Oh Morning, There You Are!

  Today really feels like a Monday to me; so, to help my day get off to a better start, I am humming a song and thinking of a Scripture. I came across this little write up, and thought I’d share, in case there are any others who might be struggling to change this “Monday-feeling-Tuesday-morning!” Have a blessed day!! 🙂

Originally posted on February 16, 2015…

Oh, how I wish I were more of a morning person! I envy those, like my husband, who have their own inner alarm click and awake at the first sign of light. I so wish I were not “nocturnal,” as my man teases me that I am, feeling more invigorated at midnight than at 6am. I would love to be able to arise clear-headed, ready to conquer the day with my ambition and zest!

However, I struggle to rise after the alarm has beeped it’s annoyance at my snooze button pushing once more time. I slowly rise from my slumber assessing the day and my frame of mind. I plunge in the shower, hoping the steam will both comfort and rejuvenate my weary head. I have to arise earlier than most because of my slow and methodical ways. I have to give an extra edge to the clock; so, I don’t run behind in my musings.

The best thing I have found to clear my fog and prep my foggy brain for the hours ahead is to pull out a faithful Scripture to fill my heart with love and my mind with promise. For, when I fill my morning with the good stuff, I find clarity for the moments ahead.

“This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24


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  1. God has used Rebecca to make me a morning person. She is most often awake before 5:00 AM! I remember, when the children were small, someone suggesting that a good way to fit in uninterrupted prayer and Bible study would be to arise before my earliest rising child (-: Anyway, there was a Helen Steiner Rice poem that I hung on my wall, with which I of the began my day. Even now, I think that I remember most of it. “You are ushering in another day, untouched and freshly new. So, here
    I am to ask You, God, if You’ll renew me, too. Dear Father, I am well aware I can’t make it on my own. So, take my hand, and hold it tight. For I can’t walk alone.”

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