Busy Baking Day

Well, I almost didn’t post today, but my goal is to post consistently everyday (except for Sunday’s); so, I wanted to share with you what it was I was busy doing this afternoon and evening… 🙂

All made from scratch with organic whole wheat and organic all purpose flour (1/2 and 1/2 so as not to be too dense 😉 )…and the cornbread is made from organic whole wheat pastry flour and coarse corn meal. I did learn a little about coarse cornmeal: it makes your cornbread quite crunchy! Haha. 

My house now smells heavenly, and my tummy is full with yummy goodness! 

This was my first time making bread, and it was a lot of fun! It’s time consuming, but this definitely won’t be my last time! 😉 I’m excited to try this again soon…

Are you hungry yet?? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Busy Baking Day

  1. I have a picture in my mind off watching my sister kneed some dough for bread. Her small son sat on a stool watching and eating raisins. Then I saw him take raisins from the box and poke them into the dough. I think he wanted raisin bread.

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  2. Mia, you took on a very ambitious project with evidence of terrific outcomes! Today, here in Beaufort, SC (we were very fortunate to have been spared the devastation affecting the rest of our state) it is still cloudy and drizzly. So I am going to make soup…haven’t decided which recipe to use, but it will include curry and vegies. And if I had the time and energy (like you), bread!

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