One Moment

One moment with the King…

What would YOU do to have just one moment with a king? I wonder if it might be like the first date you ever went on? Do you remember how long it took to get ready? How many outfits you tried on? How many days in advance you started planning?

What about that first prom…or maybe your wedding day? How long was that planning? How much did you spend? Ladies, what kind of beauty treatments did you endure? …maybe a message, a wax, a deep facial, a medi and a pedi?

Guys, how ’bout it? Well, most of you probably didn’t splurge on a pedicure (ha!), but what about that first hunting day, a day at the races, a boxing match or maybe that champion golf tournament? Hmmm, I might be getting somewhere now… How much did you spend on that new rifle, those new shoes, or even the fuel in the car to get there? How early did you set your alarm? How long did you go without sleep?

What about you, teens? Maybe you still depend on your parents to buy most things; so, you might feel this little post doesn’t really apply to you…but how much time do you spend texting on your phone, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or just simply surfing the Internet? How much money are you saving for that new car, that new outfit or, maybe, that special gift for your new sweetheart?

Think of your time, talents and temporal means…or to put it more simply:  your thoughts, your sight, your speech, your actions and your money…how much do you spend on the things of this world? How much time do you lose everyday doing things that aren’t really going to matter 150 years from now?

Sure, we do live in this world, but God said not to be of it! What does that mean for us? Does that mean we can’t “have fun?” Does that mean we can’t use technology, can’t go on a date, can’t play a game on the Internet, can’t have an Instagram account??  I can’t quite tell you what it means for you; sometimes, what’s a conviction for one family, or person, may not be the same for another. You have to work those “not-necessarily-sin” issues out with the Almighty, but I can tell you what’s going to matter for eternity: our relationship with the King of Kings! If you’re not preparing now, you’ll not be ready when the time comes!

Esther prepared for 12 months, of an intense regimen, to have one night with the king. David prepared 15 years to be king. Joseph was in preparation for 13 years to become second in the land to Pharoah. Jesus prepared for 33 years, on Earth, for His moment on the cross. That’s a lot of preparation for one moment in time!

How much are we preparing? How much are we planning? Will we be ready for that encounter with the King of Kings? He is God. He is awesome, and He loves us so very much. He wants to give His best to us, and I wonder, sometimes, if we might miss it, because we’re too busy preparing for other things rather than His return… One moment of decision is all it takes…