Friday’s New Angle #9

Another Friday, Another New Angle! I had fun with this one…remember, angles aren’t always as they seem… 😉


Wednesday’s Ode #10

Since today marks my 10th Wednesday’s Ode, I’d like to dedicate this one to YOU. Without your desire to read my odes and my blogs, without your encouragement and enthusiasm along the way, these wouldn’t really have much of a point, except to maybe fulfill my own inner need to write and express through those words…

So, today, I say, “Thank You” to all of you who follow these posts and for all who are just now finding my blog. It really means a lot that you would take time out of your busy schedule to read something I’ve written down, and you’ll probably never truly know how deeply you’ve touched my heart.

With this in mind, I have to give my highest praise and tribute to my God who has read every single word and knows every single syllable before it’s even formed on my heart. Through these moments, here on this blog, He has chosen to breathe on me, inspire me, and even heal me through the “pen and paper” in my hand. So, I say, “Thank You, Lord,” for all You’ve done, all You’re doing, and all that You’re going to do!

I am humbled, and I am grateful. Words don’t seem quite adequate to describe. My heart is full. Thank you all. ❤

No Secret

Words to live by…. Too good not to reshare…

Think Positive, Be Positive

I tend to see the good in people…hard for me to focus on anything but the good.

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Hidden Within

Tears fall in the night

Smiles shine in the morning bright

Weary souls hide in the light

Broken hearts stand with all their might

Shadows linger where they don’t belong

Children flinch from being done wrong

Little hands clinch to remain strong 

Tiny whispers dark are like a song

When will this pain ever end
Can His love really bring a mend
Will to Him your heart bend
His Son, grace deep, He did send
For only you, he loved so much
For this sin, He suffered such
To some, this faith seems a crutch
To me, this love my life will clutch
PENNED – MG – 4/14/15

Joy in the Sorrow

We only experience true joy when we’ve experienced deep pain. 

We only experience true strength when we’ve experienced great weakness. 

We appreciate the sunshine when we’ve been surrounded by rain. 

We are truly grateful for home when we’ve been away for a long time. 

We all know the feeling when the day has been unending, and we’re so thankful for our own bed. We are more appreciative, because we’ve recognized the loss of it.  

A parent values their child most when that child has been lost to him for a time. 

A wife truly cherishes her covenant when she sees him marry the other woman. 

A husband really esteems his wife after she has escaped death.  

A child treasures a friend when he thought all was forgotten. 

We get comfortable in routine. 

We grow complacent in the mundane.

We grow ungrateful in the familiar. 

Sometimes, hard times come to shake us from the average. 

Sometimes, trials come to move us beyond the commonplace. 

Often times, the trouble will pull us out of the habitual and into a brighter tomorrow. 

So, when the storms of life come,

Don’t fight. 

Don’t resist. 

Just walk out in the rain.

Just learn to grow. 

Learn to love. 

Learn the value. 

Just turn your face to the waterfall. 

Just let it wash over you. 

 Just dance. 

PENNED – MG – 4/13/15

Answer to Friday’s Angle #8

Did you guess a toilet paper roll and holder yesterday? If you did, you got it right! 😉

Fall Into It (4)

Fall into PEACE

Fall into peace like you’re falling back onto your incredibly soft pillow top or down mattress (or whatever you prefer), and you’re about to get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in your life! Perfect peace doesn’t depend on the situation or the persons involved. It is a quiet knowing of the soul that says, “Everything’s gonna be alright.” It’s a settling within that is beyond settling. It’s a peace that surpasses all understanding. It’s that moment when “all hades” has broken loose, and you sit back and breathe…and maybe even chuckle, because you know within your heart and soul that no matter what may come, “All is well with my soul.”

Friday’s New Angle #8

It’s Friday, and you what it’s time for! 😉 Yep, it’s time for a new angle…

Can you guess it??

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow, at about this same time, and the answer will be posted! 😉

Fall Into It (3)

Fall into JOY

Fall into joy like you laughed, as a child, when you “turned over your tickle box.” That moment at five years old, when you got the giggles so bad, you couldn’t stop even at the warning of a spanking from dad. True joy is not only laughter, but it’s attitude. It’s a perspective. It’s an outlook. When true joy bubbles up, it can’t be contained. It can’t be hidden. It can’t be consumed by only one person. True joy changes your mood. It changes the way you see the circumstances. It changes how you see the future, how you see your destiny. Joy changes the very atmosphere. The Word of God says Jesus came to give us “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” This kind of joy changes hearts. It changes sight. It changes lives.

Wednesday’s Ode #9

I love my Kindle! I mentioned this in my ode a couple of weeks ago; so, I decided I’d give it a little shout out today. 🙂 I have the Kindle Fire, and it was given to me about three years ago. So, no, its not the HD, HDX or even the 8.9, but it’s just right for me.

IMG_9836I have the ability to download books, games, photos and even documents via one of the apps. I can even surf the web and find needed research when necessary. I have so enjoyed this device. I take it with me almost everywhere.

With my love for books and reading, as I shared in last week’s ode, this device has been handy dandy! I can be sitting in the dr’s waiting room or sitting in my truck during carpool, and I can flip it open to read. I can be taking a short road trip or headed on vacation with my family. No matter where we’re headed, as long as I don’t have to drive, I can curl up in the passenger seat and run away to a dreamland through my books…but many times, I’ll be nice and close it just so my husband won’t feel so alone on the journey! 😉

My boys have benefited from it, as well, when we end up at a place where I am having take care of some business, and they have no electronic device to bide their time, Mom will have her trusty Kindle full of games and books to entertain them for awhile. Even my husband has benefited from the Kindle app, as all of his school books, as well as, books for enjoyment, have been loaded onto his iPad via this app.

So, if you’re avid reader, or you just like to read while traveling by bus or by plane, Kindles are a great investment. I’ve not been real hip on the other brands out there, but to some, a reader is a reader; so, you are welcome to make up your own mind. For me, this ode is well deserved to my Kindle Fire, and for that one, I am thankful! 😉