In Retrospect

In light of this past Veterans Day and all things patriotic, I thought I’d reshare this…

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Don’t you miss the days when you actually had to have singing to sell an album…when the music had to be live and in sync? Don’t you miss the day when you had to act, sing AND dance to obtain the role in a movie? Don’t you miss the days when you had to be a true patriot to become president…when the politicians had to love God, Family, and Country to succeed in office? Don’t you miss the days when the kids started their school days with The Pledge To Allegiance and ended the day with their bedtime prayers? Don’t you miss the days of fresh milk, fresh farm eggs, fruits and veggies…when it was easy to find less ingredients with better quality?

In all our striving to achieve and gain more, I think maybe we’ve lost something and gained less. Sure, I love the new technology, the new lights…

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One thought on “In Retrospect

  1. Do I ever! Doris Day, Judy Garland, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Katherine Hepburn and her sister Audrey. They knew how to act. And dance. And sing. Debbie Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne and a host of others in “How the West Was Won” were nothing short of fantastic. My whole fifth grade class went to see the movie at the Boyd Theater in Philadelphia. It was the biggest movie screen I had ever seen and when the raft was going down the river and got to the rapids, I felt like I was on that raft. It was an unforgettable experience. I even remember the interior of the theater. And there was no such thing as surround sound then. They didn’t need it. I agree, we’ve lost more than we’ve gained in this modern society. We tell ourselves we’re getting better, but kids are more violent and disrespectful; pedophiles abound, road rage seems rampant in some areas, and most families are either blended or one-parent. There is more anger and hostility. Satan is gaining the upper hand as God’s timetable runs down.


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