marks the day of 100 POSTS on WP!

Wow. I have posted 100 writings in 3 months.

That’s exciting to me…

Thank you to all who have given an encouraging word,

clicked a “happy” like,

or just simply followed my blog incognito

(as “a stalker,” as my good friend said to me yesterday! haha).


are who have given me the inspiration to continue on this journey of writing,

(and God, of course, HE is my central source!)

even in those moments when I think no one is reading and maybe no one cares.



4 thoughts on “100 POSTS

  1. Great start! I really like your mill picture: all that sunny green grass, and the quote. It’s wonderful!
    The way you’ve set your Reader, I have to go to your blog to read an entire post. If you hadn’t, I’d not likely have gotten to see your great set-up, but I’m always tempted to skip it when I see that “Sorry this blog only allows us to show the first section…” message: extra clicks, time loading. Some people refuse, some don’t. Not a big deal, really, but keep it in mind. You’re getting some more people like me to see your nice layout, but you’re also steering some people away from reading your posts. I wish I knew how many each way.

    In any case, that’s trivia. Kudos for your creation.

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