You have been with me always

Through laughter and in sorrow.

You were with me yesterday,

And I know you’ll be here tomorrow.

We’ve had a lot of good times,

Which we could never hide,

But the hard trials were the real times,

Our friendship never died.

You depend on me,

And I’ll depend on you.

When it’s raining outside,

I know I can lean on you.

Now that we’re getting older,

Let us never give up,

All these precious memories

In this golden cup.


4 thoughts on “Friends FOREVER

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Often, it just seems to flow. If I held it back, the “dam” would probably just bust from the pressure. 😉 …of course, those seasons of drought are when I’m running upstream to find from whence the water flowed! Haha.


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