Where Are You?

                            Where are you?

                                                           I’m looking at the sky.

          Are you feeling blue?

                                                    I just wanted to say hi.

I missed you today

I didn’t see you around

                It’s a weird sort of way

We are all coming down

                             Did you see that purple dove?

                                                        It was flying down to the sea.

                                                 They say it symbols love.

            But do they really know me?

You say you’re doing fine

Please don’t treat me this way

I know all the signs

Well…maybe I’ll see you one day

Penned – MG – 2/16/89


Only From You


I look out over Your waters and behold

A reflection that could only be from You

So gentle, so calm, so peaceful

It reminds me of Your serenity

I look upon Your waterfalls and know

A strength that could only come from You

So strong, so bold, so powerful

It reminds me of Your awesomeness

I look into Your streams and visualize

An image that could only be given from You

So humble, so meek, so merciful

It reminds me of Your purity

I look out on Your mountains and see

A creation that could only be made from You

So vast, so immense, so beautiful

It reminds me of Your majesty

I look upon Your peaks and understand

A faith that could only be from You

So wondrous, so hopeful, so believing

It reminds me of Your faithfulness

I look into Your foothills and recognize

An adventure that could only come from You

So energizing, so exciting, so invigorating

It reminds me of Your passion

Then I look at Your Son and realize

A love that could only be of You

So amazing, so overwhelming, so inviting

It reminds me of Your grace

Thank You.

Penned – MG – 10/26/03







The Children of the Past


They used to run and play in the sunshine.

They used to laugh and cry on the playground.

They brought a tear of joy back into our eyes.

They brought the joy of youth back into our hearts.

They had an air of innocence, not knowing any lies.


Where have all the children gone?

The sun is not shining.

The air is filled with gloom.

The wind is blowing fiercely.

The clouds are filled with doom.


Where are the children playing now?

Where has the laughter gone?

Where is all the joy that once was here?

Where has the innocence been?

Why have the children’s faces disappeared?


The children have vanished.

They no longer run in the morning sun.

The laughter is nowhere to be found.

The innocence has drifted from the air.

The joy in our hearts has been bound. 


The children spoke with tiny hands and feet.

They longed for the love and freedom of life.

They were never given a chance.

They were never given the choice.

They weren’t even given a second glance.


They have been stolen from this world.

They have been taken from the womb.

They were destroyed without a care or a moment spared.

No one cried for them. No one shed a single tear.

No one worried for one second. They didn’t even seem to care.


When will this world understand?

When will they really ever see?

They are killing our generation.

They are killing the Father’s gift to us.

His precious treasures of life and fun.


When will we all understand?

When will we really ever see?

We have let them destroy the girls and boys.

We are letting them destroy this nation.

It is up to you and me. We must stand and be their voice.

Penned – MG – 10/21/89



Just A Little Spark

Years ago, someone gave me this little analogy, and I have adopted it as one of my mottos in life. It came to mind today; so, I thought I’d share it with you…

In every situation, whether it be crisis or peace, excitement or sorrow, you carry with you two buckets to use (Figuratively speaking, of course). With one bucket, you can soothe or dispel all you encounter. With the other, you can explode or inflame from the very core of a matter. You see, in these buckets, you carry water in one and gasoline in the other.
When you walk into a crisis, and you don’t know what to do, you have the option, at that very moment, to choose to pick up that bucket of water and sprinkle a little soothing liquid to calm the soul. You can even take the entire bucket and pour it out, leading an entire assembly to an utter calm by the words and actions you use. You can walk into that very same scenario, carrying with you the bucket filled to the brim with gasoline, and using that, you can send the whole congregating body into utter and complete chaos!
This can also be applied to a child and his dreams or a teen and her aspirations for life or even an adult struggling to make a new way for him/herself. You have the choice, in those moments of inspiration or desperation, to diminish any hopes of survival or fuel that tiny spark into the biggest flame, one that even a rain cloud won’t be able to quench. You can build a ladder upon which these tiny seeds can grow and thrive, or you can demolish the very foundation within which they were planted. It is up to you.
So, I ask you today, “What will you choose to do with those buckets you hold within your grasp? Will you do good or evil to those around you? Will you bring harm or joy to those you encounter?” You carry the power within your words and actions. You may bring life or death, depending on the liquid you choose. It just takes a little spark.


Memories Lining The Tub

My eight year old LOVES to take a bath! We have a nice sized garden tub, and he will ask to go take a bath just about everyday, especially, when he’s got a new toy! The other day, I walked in there, after he was out, and shot this picture. The whole side of the tub was lined with toys. I’m not talking one or two toys, this is a whole collection of Lego men, Transformer robots, and Hero Factory creations! My first thought was, “Ugh. He didn’t put his toys up!” Then, something stopped me, and as I looked around that tub, I realized in that very moment, “This will all, very soon, be gone.”
Parents of grown children, give me a witness here. The days just fly by too swiftly. One day, you’re holding this tiny little being in your arms, hoping not to break them; then, you turn around, and you’re waving goodbye as they trek out to make their way in the world. Even if you spend as much time as you can, make all the memories possible, grab all the hugs they will allow, the hand of time still keeps ticking. The moments still slip through your fingers like tiny grains of sand.
Oh, what I wouldn’t give, for one more minute, to have those tiny fingers wrap around mine; yet, to go back would mean to give up the adventure of today, watching him create his imaginary Hero Factory armies and see him as he gently cares for the little hermit crabs in their cage and even hearing him say, “Watch this with me, Mom,” as we watch the Superbook series video for the fifty-seventh time this weekend. No, I don’t think I’d like to forsake today only to grasp hold of yesterday, but please, God, help me to not be so worried about the plans of tomorrow that I somehow miss the sweet memories that are right here today. Help me to embrace those moments that can be remembered forever, and let me not miss out on the simple, little things that make those minutes last…I do think I’ll let those little toys line the side of the tub for just a little longer today…yes, maybe I’ll move them on another day.