Just Get Up

It was Saturday afternoon, we were leaving for fl the next day, for a 2 week stay, mind you. I had so much to do. I was packing for three of us, and the laundry wasn’t even completed. I had clothes scattered and stacked all around. The suitcases were all open, awaiting their burdens of the traveling needs.
Joey walked in and suggested I take the boys and one of their friends to the pool. Ugh. Are you serious? Do you know how much I have to get done? Do you realize what you are asking of me? I’d have to stop my routine, change my clothes, throw my hair up in a clip, get some towels and suntan lotion and trek off with three rowdy boys to the pool. Really? I am so not wanting to do this!!
But he needed to prepare for his sermon, and the boys really needed an outlet; so, I got up from the floor, with all the clothes surrounding me, changed and off we went. The laundry, the stacks of clothes, the unfinished agendas and the suitcases, all left in chaos in the bedroom upstairs.
The boys splashed and dove, laughed and dunked each other, and I became their hero for the afternoon. They had a blast. They needed this, and as I sat back in the lounge chair, reading on my Kindle, I realized I was having fun, too. I needed this. They needed me to step back from the stress of the “packing moment” and enjoy their silly antics. I needed to step back from the pressures of “Momville” and bask in the moment of making memories with my kids. We had planned to just stay an hour…that hour turned into three. I realized on that day, sometimes, we just have to get up and get moving to remember the direction in which we really need to go.