You Are

You are an anchor in the sea of turmoil.

You are a lighthouse on the hill of darkness.

 You are a staff on the path which is crooked.

You are a window in the house of confusion.

I can’t even see without You first being the conclusion.


You are the stabilizer amongst instability.

You are the courage throughout terror.

You are the discipline amongst rebellion.

You are the peace throughout all chaos.

I can’t even breathe without You first being Logos.


You are the sun shining through the rain.

You are the breeze blowing through the desert.

You are the fire blazing through the winter pass.

You are the flower blooming through the Spring.

I can’t even move without the strength You first bring.


You are the wisdom that directs my path.

You are the power which heals my heart.

You are the peace that settles my mind.

You are the love which consumes my soul.

I can’t even live without You living, breathing, first making me whole.


penned – 1/16/13 – MG